Top Surgery Pre/Post Care

We are living in exciting times when it comes to accessibility for procedures related to trans healthcare. One major procedure for trans-masculine or gender non-conforming people is top surgery. For most of us, this surgery is not a choice per say, but a necessary action to arrive into ones authentic expression. Because of this, we are at the whim of care from the surgeons and providers and in many instances providers themselves are not sure how to truly show up to and hold space for trans people. This is evident largely in the realm of pre/post surgical care. Many trans people have varied experiences navigating surgical offices often times in vulnerable circumstances and not being given the proper tools or suggestions for optimal healing. The standards of care for our community simply need to be higher.

There is so much to prepare for and think about before one goes in for surgery of any kind. Most people have the same questions before top surgery relating to “What should I know?” This page is a work in progress and meant to be a hub for ways to make you more at ease around recovery and the procedure itself.