Top Surgery Sessions


Undergoing a major surgery of any kind requires preparation before and after to set up the body well for optimal healing. One excellent vitamin regime recommendation to begin is the Power Healing guide. It truly maximizes the healing process!

Another excellent way to prepare the body well for top surgery is bodywork.

In this series of session, 1-2 pre-op sessions are recommended, one week before surgery and then a day or two before surgery. In these pre-top surgery sessions, the chest muscles, ribs, sternum and surrounding areas will be addressed to ensure the tissues are properly ‘loosened up’ to prepare your body for the surgery. Its just as important to address the areas before surgery as it as after surgery. With a combination of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and massage, these treatments are very successful in expediting the recovery process pre and post op.

The Series of Session was created to prepare and empower the body for the best healing possible. I also teach methods to use on your own so you can assist your body in it's own healing process outside of the treatment table.

Whether you are 2 days post op or 10 years, your body can benefit tremendously from scar tissue work. Scars start forming within hours of surgery and if they are not attended to, can lead to an interconnected web of stiffness and discomfort.

Other benefits of scar and lymph work include: increasing range of motion, the regaining of nerve sensation and the reduction of pain or swelling. The body tends to respond well to the frequency of work within the series, as the body has a brilliant way of remembering subtle shifts which can provide expedited healing and positive lasting results. 

What the sessions look like:

1st session: 90 minutes:

We will do a brief intake as well as a health history review, what outcomes you hope for in our work together and crafting of a treatment plan together.

The bulk of our work will be on the treatment table. I use a variety of bodywork styles tailored for your specific healing. One method is Manual Lymphatic Drainage to assist your lymph flow into the proper channels and to flush out toxins. I will show you how to do your own lymph drainage at home to minimize swelling between our sessions.

Another method is Scarwork. Depending how far you are out from surgery may involve the actual scars themselves if they are ready for work (usually 8 weeks post-op) or the tissue around the scars if sooner than 8 weeks. Scar tissue starts forming within hours of surgery so we can begin this treatment as soon as 2 days after surgery. The earlier we start the work the better in order to help nerves regain sensation and restore your full range of motion. Scar work however can be very effective at any stage up to and including fully healed scars.

Cupping: this is a great method that I use around your scars, ribcage, sternum and pecs which allows for more spaciousness in the torso creating fuller breath. This helps lift up the scars and tissue around the scars in an effective way. I will also show you how to use this method on your own with silicone cups so you can massage your scars at home between our sessions.

All the techniques I use for these treatments are very gentle, non-invasive, restorative and with light pressure. Some of the most effective and deep work is done through a conversation with your body and listening to what it desires for healing.

Sessions 2-6: 60 or 90 minutes:

Will include most of the techniques mentioned above including Myofascial techniques which work hand in hand with scar tissue release. Your body will begin to recognize the patterns and respond in a very uplifting way. This work is hugely transformative!

*I also offer less frequent sessions if you prefer to come in one-time/monthly/etc. Although frequency is good initially to get your body warmed up, the work is very effective in any capacity.


Please contact me for rates on the Series of Sessions or a regular session. I offer a number of sliding scale slots each month as well, please inquire! Questions about treatment work? Contact! I look forward to working with you.